Jonathan Kuo

Concept Artist at Turtle Rock Studios

I had the great honor of working alongside with Jason at DICE LA, where he was entrusted with a great deal of responsibility as a Senior Concept Artist. I have had the wonderful pleasure to observe his professionalism and his amazing skills to his craft. He is consistently caring and friendly to everyone's needs, and takes on all of the task with a great deal of passion. it’s been super amazing sharing our journey together and a great joy to have him as a friend. I can’t wait to see what amazing artwork he comes up with next!!!  

Nicolas Weis

Art Director at Unified Pictures

I was lucky enough to work with Jason on the How to train your dragon 2 visual development crew. His impressive resume probably already gave you a sense of his amazing and versatile artistic abilities but one thing you need to be prepared for is his unbelievable enthusiasm, creativity and overall contagious positive attitude. He always tries to find an original solution to your problem, whether it is for a small or big assignment. Jason is a true pleasure to work with, I envy anyone who will have the opportunity to be his teammate. 

Jonathan Ryder

Lead Concept Artist at Blizzard Entertainment

I've been able to see Jason grow into a power house since being students together in college. Driven, passionate, skilled, and very developed, Jason gives precision and charm to the work he puts his hand to. Jason thinks beyond lines and paint to convey storytelling for the viewer. Incredibly a quick study to new things, Jason has developed his paintings and designs to reel one into the worlds he creates. Jason is a close and dear friend that I feel honored to have been able to share this artistic journey with. Mr. Scheier would be an Amazing addition to any team.  

Donald Ott

Contract Artist at Ghost Story Games

Jason has easily been one of the top talents and instructors Laguna has ever seen. The quality of work that his students have displayed, and the volume of growth every one of them have shown as a direct influence of his teaching is unquestionable. I have personally seen students who at first shied away from traditional and digital mediums, but after just a few short weeks in Jason's classes they gained a completely different level of perspective and skill previously untapped.Jason knows how to push students, and break down the instructions into basic terms that even a beginner can understand. He is a very easy guy to get along with, always has a smile or a good story about life, and brings a whole different level in the ability to breathe life and fire into a challenging situation. Jason's portfolio and work ethic speaks for itself - and as such he is a true, unmatched asset anywhere.  

J.R. Register

Visual Designer

Though I was never Jason's teacher, he was a remarkable student and driven to succeed. I have followed his work and career since Art Institute and he has grown as an artist and a professional. I cannot speak more highly of his talents and work ethic. I would recommend anyone that has the chance to hire or work with Jason to not pass up the chance. Not only will your project benefit, but also the team. Jason is always quick to share his knowledge with those around him.

Scott Lanier

Lead Environment Artist at Fuscoe Engineering

Jason has a great eye for design and an amazing attitude. He is always willing to go the extra mile, and consider input from others.Very outgoing and has wonderful ideas. Always professional.  

Bryan Bedford

Character Artist @ Blizzard Entertainment

Jason is a phenomenal instructor and an inspiration to the students he guides. His demonstrations and thoughtful critiques provides students with tools in both foundation theory as well as practical skill sets, allowing them to learn and flourish in their own work. His enthusiasm and excitement with the creative process is highly contagious and makes for an awesome learning environment. I consider him a friend, a colleague, and a mentor.  

Wesley Martin

Art Director at Mobius Digital Games

Jason is one of the best instructors I have ever studied under. He gives well prepared lectures on the fundamentals, comprehensive drawing and painting demos, and detailed constructive criticism. He can adapt his teaching style to meet the needs of both beginners and advanced students. His emphasis on having fun with good design radiates and shows in the work of his students. I continue to learn from him as a mentor and a friend!  

Manny Fragelus

Founder at CG Master Academy

Jason is an energetic ball of talent! Always smiling, and one of the most creative artists I know, his passion for art and design is infectious to all around him. This is made even more evident by Jason's appreciation of- and admiration for -everyone that came before him. Not just in production, but also when he's helping foster the next generation of artists following in his very footsteps. All and all, I look forward to what ever amazing art he will inevitably conjure up, and to the hundreds of junior artist he will most surely inspire along the way.  

Jessica Lee

Graphic/Product Designer, Surface Pattern Designer, & Illustrator

I studied Media Arts and Animation with Jason at Art Institute of California -- Orange County. He is a self starter and always keeps looking for ways to improve his skills as an artist. He's a very talented artist and creates amazing digital paintings. He's very easy to get along with and always willing to help others.  


Ian Tepoot

Head Marketing Executive at New LIfe International (NL Spectrum)

I first worked with Jason a year after he graduated from college. I was highly impressed with his initiative. He spent a year dedicating almost all his time to perfecting his craft after school, and the resulting difference was stunning. Since then, he has continued to relentlessly hone his craft. I have rarely met someone so singularly dedicated to improving himself and his skills.As a result, Jason's technical skills are par excellence. However, beyond this, a key skill for a concept artist is not just the ability to execute a drawing but rather a creative spark and imagination. His skills were great, but the aspect that set him apart was his enthusiasm for every concept, and an ability to take my ideas and run with them. In other words, he built-upon, enhanced and expanded ideas based on our discussions in directions we had never gone over. He also contributed wholly new ideas to the mix. This ability and enthusiasm has made him a difficult colleague to replace.  

Sandy Appleoff

Directing learners to make meaningful educational choices

As Department Chair to the gifted part-time faculty at Laguna College of Art+Design it has been an honor to work with Jason Scheier. I can say without hesitation, that Jason Scheier lights the fire of creative passion in each student to reach the highest level of quality in their work. Such achievements come from leadership by example, and the sincere care for those whose education are his to guide. His attitude, upbeat personality and professionalism make the work environment a positive place.  

Sean O' Daniels

Art Director / Artist looking for new ventures

Although my time with Jason was brief, he was a very helpful and highly motivated artist. His desire to constantly grow in his craft istruly inspirational. If he is not attending a class or a workshop, he is probably teaching it! Jason's creative drive will be an asset where ever he goes.  

Shane Estanislao

Sr. Environment Artist at Amazon Game Studios

Very likable and really personable, Jason is an talented, driven, and passionate concept artist. The energy and excitement he puts into his work is second to none, and serves as a great inspiration for myself. On the job he is the consummate concept artist. He gathers ideas, turns thoughts into pictures, and eventually comes out with more-than-desired results. His skills as an artist, both technically and visually are was sad to see him leave the company and move onto greener pastures, but that would not stop me from hiring and working with him again without a second thought.He is a tremendous asset to any team, bringing with him not only tremendous talent, but a good, positive energy that helps keep others around him fueled up to push through any task.  

Tim Kallok

Character Animator at Sony Imageworks

When I first met Jason in college, I knew that he was going to go on to achieve great things in his career. Not only is he extremely dedicated, but also is one of the most enthusiastic, creative and hard working individuals I have met. He strives to learn as much as he can about his craft and as a result, has become a dynamic and genuinely unique artist. I have had the pleasure of not only being his friend, but working with him professionally. I can sincerely say that he is an excellent person to have on any team. He has a golden personality, which makes working with him a truly enjoyable experience. I give Jason my highest recommendation.  

Diego Almazan

Founder at WarpedCore Studio

I've known Jason for several years now and I can definitely say he has always been nothing but a pleasure to work with time and time again. He possess an unrelenting passion for art that not only keeps him advancing his own techniques on a daily basis, but encourages others to improve as well. It's amazing how far Jason has come along with his work and it's hard to imagine him stopping now. Highly Recommended.  

Trevor Carr

Character Artist

The bottom line with Jason is that nothing can stand in the way of something he wants to accomplish. He set his mind on being a concept artist and blew me away with his level of dedication and drive to achieve his goal. Recommending him at my studio was one of the easiest choices I've ever made and I feel strongly that Jason deserves every bit of praise for having come so far as a painter and person. Always professional and well spoken, I am honored to call Jason a friend and colleague.  

Drew Stein

Digital Revolution, LLC

Jason is an excellent concept artist with a deep grasp of how to convey both the spirit and the narrative inherent in the projects heis worked on for us.  

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