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Portfolio Review with Jason Scheier

$1000.00 USD

Portfolio Review  with Jason Scheier

Jason Scheier will look over your portfolio giving you personalized custom tailored feedback. 

This review includes a detailed summary for how to prepare your portfolio for submitting your work to studios in all facets of Entertainment. Some examples include (Theme Park Design/ Video Games/ Feature Film/ Feature Animation/ Television/ and Virtual Reality).

 It's also perfect opportunity for students looking to create a visually stunning portfolio to submit to top schools all over the country. (Art Center College of Design, Calarts, and Etc.)  

This workshop mentorship will include 3+ Real-Time Skype Sessions with Jason Scheier

Examples of the Sessions over Skype:

Session 1.) Introduction - Overview of desired goals and objectives for preparing portfolio. 

Session 2.) Working Feedback Sessions - Jason will paintover your work using video capture software and send them to you no extra charge. You may watch these over and over as many times as you would like. The modules of feedback will be saved for you in a Cloud Dropbox. 

Session 3.) Final Preparation - Working closely with Mr. Scheier laying out your portfolio/ fine tuning and finishing your work. 

Jason will go into a in-depth view into my working process for blocking out a visual storytelling illustration. (Includes Demos by Jason Scheier)

Jason Scheier will into detail with making definitive hierarchical designs by blocking in the general elements of the composition and working gradually toward the more specific aspects of your layouts. How to use weights, rhythms, visual gut-checks, to cross-check proportions, relationships, and placement of the elements you are designing.

Please E-mail Jason first before purchasing the Review/Mentorship to check my availability and scheduling our sessions. Jason Scheier only accepts 2 students a year so be sure to contact him As Soon As Possible. 

Submit a detailed email explaining what your goals are for the mentorship, and a brief summary of yourself.

 (Name, Age, Location, and Focus in Art.)

 Also include 10 of your strongest images. (1000 pixels or larger). It's also a requirement to have a stable internet connection. Local students will have the opportunity to meet in person.

Thank you! E-mail Jason under Contact tab.

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