Animation Background

The Duel

Japan Architectural Study

Animation Background

monolith valley

study, Meteora Greece

Japan Architectural Study

return to the castle

sweeping landscape


River Canyon Morning

forest pathway

sunset rider

Morning Light on the Castle


Mountain Landscape

waterfall autumn

Snow Path

Desert Trek

a walk in the canyon

Paris at 7am

Snowy Creekbed

Gothic church study from Paris, France

landscape practice

the old japanese manor house

Crumbled Wall

The White Death

the lone gunslinger

the gunslinger found his horse

The Great Expanse

Gunslinger on the trail

Riding into the great unknown

snowy log study

rock formations

Misty Morning

tree study

Vietnam Marines

we meet at high noon

stealth study


Misty Lake


monument valley study

monument valley study 2

down through the canyon

The Pathway

railway house

Jungle Village
Stone Lantern

Paris City-block Study

Beneath the Metro

stairway to the shrine


Sunset on the Roadway

Monster Vs. Aliens
Kung Fu Panda

Style Experimentations



Primeval Forest

the old factory house

Dappled Light


Mountain Trek

Animation Background


a walk among giants

temple study

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